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Website has gained popularity over the past year. This is definitely a good place to check escort ads in the city you’re staying in. It is a bit advertising heavy but you can still find what you are looking for. Hopefully this (or some other website) turns into another Backpage. We need one badly!

Cost to post ads is low, volume of ads is high and escort rates advertised are fair. Most escorts are independent escorts. If you don't mind the volume of ads and few occasional flakes then this is a good website.

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5Escorts.com has been around for over 3 years now. Before that they were a different website called rateyourescort.org which had escort ratings and reviews as well. Now 5Escorts.com looks more or less like Backpage.com and has recently appeared in the radar as one of the popular escort websites.

They are currently serving ads from all around the world, including many places in Asia and Europe. United States and Canada have the highest volume of ads, however. The site is easy to navigate on mobile and pictures great.

Escorts in 5Escorts, Hobbyist Opinion

This website is pretty similar to Backpage and even the layout sort of looks like it. This could end up being a good thing since that website did it’s job well before it shut down. It is unbelievable the amount of ads that this website has for each city. They have a pretty high volume of ads. Like LeoList they have good amount of suspicious fake ads with fake pictures. Good thing about the site is that they have United States covered while LeoList is only for Canada, and other websites just don’t have that many ads.

As you go deeper in page 15 you start to notice that some of the ads are actually older and maybe out of date. So changes are the ads are sitting there and not being removed which makes me question the validity of the ads. I was able to meet escorts using this website so that counts for something.

One of the interesting things is the suggested categories in city pages. I don’t have a clue on how they figure out what categories to suggest but I have always been curious what people search for of what are some of the interesting services that escorts are offering that I don’t know about.

They claim that they don’t allow duplicate ads and all their ads are unique. It does make sense because I do not frequently see ads of the same escorts with the same pictures.

Escort Ads at 5Escorts.com

Posting escort ads in here is actually pretty simple and straightforward, backpage style although probably simpler. They don’t as a lot of questions about what escort stats so it works well if you are copy and pasting your ad content.

They have FREE escort ads which basically means linking to 5escorts.com so that you can post an ad. I don’t really know if this is really working for them because paid ads are actually pretty cheap in this website. They charge $1 for a trial of 4 days and $5 flat fee for a personal ad. So $5 ad does not expire? I don’t know the answer to this, but it’s inexpensive so any extra day you get is probably a good thing… Looks like they keep pushing changes to the website frequently. I remember seeing it look different not too long ago.

Geography United States, Canada, Asia and Europe
Volume of Ads High. The volume of ads is pretty high even though they claim that their ads are all unique. I looked way at the back of the ads and got one wrong phone number so this could happen too.
Escort Ad Cost $2 for 2 weeks
Advertising is pretty cheap in this website. I am not sure why it’s so cheap but maybe they will increase them later. In any case it’s getting some attention in Google so it’s definitely worth the $2 bucks for your ad.
Escort Rates Fair. Because the volume of ads is so high there is quite a bit of competition for escorts porting in this website. So prices vary, some are low and some are higher. For the most part, escort rates depend on the escort and can range from very low to high (I have not seen very high rates here). Take the fair prices with grain of salt though. My theory is that most of the time you get what you pay for!

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