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Website is simple and easy to use. It doesn't have a high volume of ads but they are categorised nicely. You can filter by category and get what you are looking for like outcalls or incalls, ethnicity, age, verification status or type of service like GFE.

Escorts might get a lot of eyeballs by placing an ad here, but the cost is a bit high here so that could be one reason why this is not most suitable website for some. Escort rates are high and advertising is costly. So while Google finds this relevant we are thinking that it is only capturing a niche which is upscale escorts.

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EROS.com is definitely ones of the older sites around. They have been online for at least 19 years. They are an escort directory with female and transgender escorts, but also have other interesting categories like BDSM, Tantra, Massage and Fetish. They also have Dancers section which is a little less popular.

Since the beginning they had a slick design which is probably one of the reasons they’re able to charge so much for their ads. They are also one of the more popular websites around and have really good rankings on Google. 

Their decision on what cities and countries they want to cover is a bit interesting. Somehow in Europe they decided to only have UK and Italy, but in my opinion you should not leave Holland or Eastern Europe out since they have some pretty amazing escorts. According to their articles about 90% of their traffic is coming from North America so it makes sense why they don’t have many European countries or Asia.

Advertising cost for escorts is pretty high in this website in my opinion. This explains the lower volume and high quality of the ads you see. This fact probably weeds out a lot of escorts who don’t want or can’t afford to pay for their ads here. So for mongers looking for young lookers that they can spend couple of hours with at a somewhat affordable cost — this is not the place.

Escorts will get quite a bit of visibility here though so I can see them making more if their ads is up here.

Geography North America, Canada, UK and Italy
Volume of Ads Low. The ads they have are vetted and have great pictures, galleries and content. The volume of ads is pretty low though, probably due to prohibitive cost for some escorts.
Escort Ad Cost $50 – $150 / monthly
Advertising cost for a standard escort ad depends on the city selected. This can actually be free if you’re choosing a city less popular in mongers radar like Bari, Italy. It is around $50 in a medium size city like Vancouver or $150 in bigger denser cities like San Francisco.
Escort Rates High. You can see the same type of escorts advertising in other sites for a much lower rate. The only reasoning that I can come up with is that it’s fairly expensive to advertise here so raising the rates slightly might pay the advertising fees. For mongers who like to negotiate the best price maybe it’s not the best idea to mention you saw the ad in this website!



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