The website has a good volume of ads, has very detailed information about the ads, when they are posted and how many views they are getting.

It has ads available for most cities around the world, which is great for travellers who are looking for escorts in whatever country they are visiting.

Advertising costs are moderate and good value in comparison to other websites that have similar content. Escort rates are slightly above market but they are lower than upscale websites like Eros. The site is one of the winners for escort ads.

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    9 is one the old timers, active since 1999. They are a directory for most major cities around the world, but with majority of escort advertisers in United States, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Canada (A Countries). Advertising in this website is not cheap but not too expensive either in comparison with sites like Eros, which interestingly has way fewer ads!

For a hobbyist, it is sometimes interesting to check out ads in other other countries and not just the so called A-Countries per Escort Directory. I am impressed with the amount of ads they have for Russia or Czech Republic, for example, which is one reason why I find this website great. It definitely promotes whoring abroad which some of the mongers love to do, especially in less privileged countries where prices are lower and women hot.

Advertising rates are on average 49 euros for 30 days for VIP ads and that is for A-Countries mentioned above. For all other countries the base ad rate is 29 euros for 30 days. There are also other options and the non-VIP option which is 19-29 euros but these ads are underneath all VIP ads and may get buried in there.

User experience on the site is pretty clean and with lots of search and filtering options, which is great if you want to find an escort that is busty or a bbw. Not saying that’s what people are searching for these days but some people are particular about what they are looking for 🙂

GeographyAll around the world
Volume of AdsHigh. The volume of ads is high in comparison to many websites like Eros, or AdultSearch, but lower than There are definitely a good number of ads in each city.
Escort Ad Cost19-49 euro / monthly
Advertising is fairly priced when considering the visibility that ads get online. Also for a clean site like this that’s been around for this long it makes sense to pay the price. Non-VIP ads are perfectly fine if the city where ad is in does not have too many ads and competition.
Escort RatesHigh. So while looking at the ads I can see that rates in this site are slightly higher than what’s advertised in Craigslist type of website. This is probably a generalisation though and it’s probably not the case for all ads. It is my opinion that prices are slightly above the market rates. Having said that, I am a believer that you get what you pay for so if prices are cheap you should probably take that with a grain of salt.

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