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Great For Canada

Website is simple and easy to use. Volume of ads is pretty high so filtering is pretty useful feature. A few years ago they introduce verified ads which is pretty insanely useful since there are a lot of fake photos going around. Filtering by ethnicity age or rate is pretty useful too, like for example you might want to filter out the entire asian category of ads - a huge problem with fake ads that this site currently appears to have 🙂

Overall the site is great but I wish they covered other geographical locations as well, or at the very least cover United States too. If this review is for Canada only then it would be 9+

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LeoList is relatively new website compared to other escort websites. Initially, however, they were ErsList.com so these guys have definitely been around for a while. Initially it all started with escort ads and now they are more like a Craglist a Craigslist but escorts is the most visited category.

They are only serving escort ads for Canada but since the time when they were ErsList.com they did Canada only but did it well. The site is flexible and available for anyone to post and depending on the location it could be FREE or it could cost €2.59 per ad. Of course that will be the base price and then you can add other options as well like Auto Re-posts, First Page guarantee, Verified Ads, all of which could end up costing €20.00. Still the price is way more affordable than say Eros.com.

For Canada, this is definitely a must check website. People have different services they are looking for, taste and budget, but this is great if you are local or visiting and you are looking for 1 hour, 2 hours type of service at a reasonable escort market rate 🙂

One thing to keep in mind about the site is that because there are a lot of ads you get a lot of crap as well. Many escort post fake or deceiving pictures and 2 hours later you will be back home because you had to run away from whatever the fuck that thing was. So, while the site is great try to vet the escorts before you start wasting your time.

Geography Canada Only
Volume of Ads High. Volume of ads is pretty high in comparison to other sites. It was Backpage’s runner up when it comes to volume of ads and, of course, before they shut down. Now they are the leaders in terms of ad volume. One thing to keep in mind though is that there are a lot of re-posts and same ads being recycled so while it looks like there is a high volume, the escorts themselves are often the same ones!
Escort Ad Cost €2.59 per ad base (up to 

€20 with options)
Advertising cost depends on the city as with other websites. Base cost is pretty cheap (or free on less popular cities), but the ads will quickly get buried underneath other ads and many re-posts. So if you are an escort and want to get more eyeballs on your ads re-posts is a good option. Hobbyists, on the other hand, will have a rough idea how fresh these posts are. Most of them check for most recent ads anyway unless they’re searching for a particular experience or service.

Escort Rates Moderate. Escort prices vary depending on what city this is in but relative to other websites the prices are on the affordable side. In other words, here you will find reasonable prices and you are most likely not overpaying. Now they might be an odd ad here and there asking for ridiculous rates (or super cheap ones), but those escorts look pretty suspicious in comparison to other ads you see on the website.



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