Needs Work

While this site has a pretty high popularity on Google for most cities in United States, the experience overall is pretty disappointing. There are too many clickbait ads, duplicate ads, it's limited to United States only, no description in ads, no way to tell escort rates and your can't sign up and post ads in this site.

Interestingly there aren't any reviews on this site which is what the domain suggests. But enough ranting about why Google is finding this site relevant, I'm sure it's got its reasons. It might be helpful to mongers looking for some escort ads in U.S. cities. Source of the ads is unknown.

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    2.5 has been around for about 5 years. It is similar to Backpage when it was live, but it only contains escort ads for United States. It does seem to be getting a decent amount of ads on a daily basis which is good, and especially good since there aren’t many sites left in United States.

One of the downsides of this sites is that it is is packed with affiliate ads which affect user experience significantly. There is a lot of clickbait ads in front rows which gives you a similar experience to a Free TV kind of site. Description of the ads is very very limited too, but at least you get a phone number and photos, which in many cases it’s enough to connect mongers and escorts.

Search is great but it returns so many duplicate ads. There isn’t a way to post an ad which means this is just another aggregation website with an unknown source of escort ads. So… this is helpful to browse ads but not if you are an escort and want to advertise services here.

Other than recency of ads and popularity that this gets on Google there isn’t anything impressive about it. I look forward to their next upgrade, but I feel this is just advertising revenue cash cow and won’t get any better than this.

Geography United States only
Volume of Ads Medium. Volume of ads is reasonable but it is for United States only.
Escort Ad Cost Not Applicable
This is an aggregation website and does not give you the ability to post ads.
Escort Rates Fair. Prices are fair for these escorts, however, they are not advertised anywhere on the site. Location and phone number are given only so you might have to decide for yourself what they are worth based on the looks and location.

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