Needs Some Work!

Website is fairly popular in Google and definitely gets many views, which is good if you are an escort advertising services. Cost to advertise is affordable which is another plus.

User experience is a bit clunky and confusing for browsers, in my opinion, but you still get to find what you are looking for. Search is pretty basic which isn’t going to be useful on handful of ads. It would, however, be useful to see how old escorts are, how old the ads are, etc. Some of these basic things are missing.

Cost of advertising is fine but volume of ads is still pretty low in this site.

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    5 has been around for about 8 years if not longer. They started appearing in the radar recently as I do not remember seeing them in Google honestly. They have very huge and descriptive ads, and are definitely focusing on quality of their ads and not so much on volume.

They are currently serving ads for United States, Canada and U.K. only. Like they have interesting categories like BDSM and Fetish, but I couldn’t find that many ads in these special categories. They have quite a few blogs which are somewhat interesting to read but probably useless to a typical monger looking to find action.

Escorts in Slixa, Hobbyist Feedback

The volume of ads in Slixa is fairly low in general, but the ads that they have are descriptive, with okay photos which helps. US cities definitely have more activity than Canadian or U.K. cities.

Each city has a mix of large and small ads, VIP ads and a section underneath with lots of basic small ads. As a hobbyist I would find this confusing since I don’t know what each ad represents other than some are intended to be more visible than others. Looking for gems? Good luck sifting through miniature photo ads… But they are in Google search results quite often so chances are that many escorts are in here.

One good thing about Slixa is that the girls are pretty attractive and there aren’t many ads that look fake (or have fake pictures). This is a problem with some of the higher volume websites like LeoList for example. It would be amazing if you could go through verified ads only, which is I think something that most websites are trying to do now.

Advertising with Slixa

Similar to many other escort websites, like LeoList for example, they allow you to pay a flat for your ad, but they upsell a lot of their other features too like bumps which will cost you 3 credits and will bump your ad to top of the city page, or extra categories which cost another credit per day. They have about 4 ad types where most common ones should be Basic Ad and Premium Ad, costing 1 and 2 credits a day respectively. They take credit cards or bitcoin.

To get the credits you will need to purchase a package with credits where the minimum cost is $60. So while ads are not that expensive you will need to buy these credits before you can post an ad.

Geography United States, Canada and U.K.
Volume of Ads Low. United States has more ads than Canada and U.K. but the volume is still fairly low in comparison to say LeoList or 5Escorts.
Escort Ad Cost $2-4 / day (average based on options selected)
Advertising is not expensive but it can add up depending on what options you select, like re-posts or extra categories. More prominent ads like city or national banners cost quite a bit of credits in comparison to basic and premium ads.
Escort Rates High. Prices are high for these escorts but quality of service and the type of escort you get is often better too. So while prices might be on the high side I think they are probably worth it. Many of the escorts here are not in too many other web sites so unfortunately there is no way to compare the prices…

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