0 has been around since 1999 and has even made it’s way to Wikipedia as one of the trusted sources where hobbyists can look up escorts and read detailed reviews about them. This has become the go-to place for escort reviews over the years. In fact it is so popular that escorts and call girls now have TheEroticReview ID, often referred to as TER ID. This has become a common way to identify escorts in forums, blogs and so forth.

Due to law changes in United States this website decided to remove all escorts and their reviews if they were operating in United States. This is a huge downside for the website since majority of the reviews were for escorts in United States. SESTA-FOSTA now makes owners of websites responsible for their content. My guess is that this site has such a high profile that they did not want the risk of getting shutdown or worse sued for the content, much like Backpage.

Finding reviews in this site is easy and it can be done by phone number and location or any other attributes. Reading reviews is FREE, but it gets better when you become a member and start reviewing yourself. After you’ve reviewed a few escorts you will become a VIP member and you will have access to all juicy reviews that others have posted. This is how their memberships work! Alternatively you can pay for a VIP membership if you want to avoid posting your own reviews.

The website still remains as one of the important websites that provides a great services to hobbyist community.


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